Governor's School for the Arts

The relationship that aLatte Cafe has with the Governor’s School for the Arts is arguably the most unique and important part of the mark that the store leaves. Everyday at 4 pm the store floods with students from GSA. Vocal students are singing arias under their breath, instrumental students are tinkering away at the piano, dancers are grabbing a quick Vegan bagel before rehearsal, Visual Artists are working on their senior showcases after school, Musical Theatre Majors are bouncing around the store dancing and singing and Theatre majors are going through monologues and rehearsing scenes over mocha lattes.



A huge part of the aLatte community are students and faculty from GSA and it isn’t uncommon to spot Neil, Melissa and Bodie in the audience at a play or at a spring dance concert. Because of this beautiful relationship, every year aLatte gives a scholarship to a student from every single department at the Governor’s School. They host an annual fundraiser called ‘Sangrias and Scholarships’ every spring and donate every bit of the profits to the scholarship fund. If you’d like to donate to the scholarship just mention it at the counter next time you come in.

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